April 02, 2021 08:44 PM

 By R.K. Garg

Over the years I have observed that as and when an issue is raised with the Vigilance deptt it gets filed and no action is taken for months and some time it takes more than a year to forward the complaints to the concerned dept for comments. In some cases, the complaint is referred to concerned Secretary for necessary action. The process is so long that the entire issue gets dumped and loses its importance altogether. 

Take the latest communication from the Vigilance deptt dated 30.3.2021 regarding my complaint dated 21.9.2020, after more than SIX months the concerned official has forwarded my complaint to Principal Secretary Forest along with my complaint made through online email. This complaint refers to issue of Irregular E-tenders by Forest Deptt in the month of June 2020, during thick of COVID. So now Secretary will take his own time and by the time comments etc are received tender process should have completed. Then they will say that no action is required at this belated stage . 

Such delays are rather very common and this has become a usual practice to keep the issue pending for long period so that it is finished on its own. 

Unless and until a time line is fixed for dealing in Vigilance complaints the complains are simply adding to DUMP in the concerned section of Administration.

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