June 28, 2021 07:48 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The record for having the longest streak of conducting volleyball tournaments was set by SNSC (Sree Narayana Sports Club) from Chentrappinni, Thrissr, Kerala. They have been conducting the middle Kerala volleyball tournament at Perumpadappa East UP school continuously for 51 years from 1967 to 2020 excluding 1971 (Indo-Pakistan war) 1975 (emergency period) and 2020 (covid-19 pandemic). 

The tournament basically showcases the solidarity of people of a village and their mutual love for Volleyball. The similar passion for this sport has brought together people and inspires many others to never quit following their passion irrespective of age, time and place. The volleyball tournament of volleyball has been going on for the past 51 years. 

While talking about their experience, the spokesperson of SNSC said, “SNSC pays tribute to all the players who have played in the volleyball tournament held in Perumpadappa East UP School in the past 51 years. We honour the committee members who have been organizing this tournament. It is a moment of great joy for our family and friends who have rendered their whole hearted support and cooperation. We are thankful to the India Book of Records.” 

“We are elated and really proud of this remarkable achievement. It is an acknowledgement for our hardwork in organizing this tournament and encouragement for all the members to lead SNSC to further heights,” said the Spokesperson of SNSC.

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