July 03, 2021 08:26 AM

Mohali (Face2News)

Idol establishment was coordinated with incredible dedication and pageantry at Bhagwan Shri Parshuram Mandir, Industrial Area Phase-9 (Near Railway Station). In this program, Param Pujya Swami Shri Shri 1008 Shri Sampurnanand Brahmachari Maharaj duly exemplified the temple and consecrated the life of other idols along with Lord Parashuram in the temple.

Shri VK Vaid Ji, President, Shri Brahmin Sabha- Mohali said, “I had taken over the responsibility of the temple four years ago and in four years with a lot of efforts and dedication this magnificent temple has been built. I am deeply thankful to all the devotees who gave us their cooperation in this temple work.”

A special program of langar was organized in the temple. In this program, Cabinet Minister of Punjab Government, Sardar Balbir Singh Sidhu, Minister of Health, Family Welfare, and Labor was Chief Guest and inaugurated the Dharamshala of the temple and announced a grant of five lakh rupees to the temple committee for this Dharamshala.

He was accompanied by Mohali Municipal Corporation Mayor Sardar Amarjit Singh Jiti Sidhu, Deputy Mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi, Minister's Political Advisor and Market Committee Kharar Chairman Harkesh Sharma Machchi Kalan, former Senior Deputy Mayor and Councilor Mr. Rishab Jain, Councilor Sardar Jasbir Singh Manku, Councilor Shri Pramod Mitra, Shri Sunil Bansal, Abha Bansal, Smt. Rupinder Kaur, Reena Councilor, Shri Ramesh Dutt Sharma, Shri Tarlok Chand Garg Ji were specially present.

Shri Jaswinder Sharma, Vice President of the temple committee, Naval Kishore Sharma, General Secretary Shri JPS Rishi, General Secretary Shri Akshit Sharma, Treasurer Shri Sanjeev Mishra, Shri Shiv Sharan Kumar, Bal Krishna Sharma, VP Pathak, Gopal Sharma, Praveen Sharma, Vinod Vaid, Shri MC Vohra, Shri Manmohan Dada, Dr. RK Lomash, Acharya Indramani Tripathi, Smt. Anita Sharda contributed to making the program a success. Many religious social organizations participated in this program. Deputy President of Mohyal Sabha Shri Ajay Vaid his team, Annapurna Mahila Mandal President Smt. Anita Joshi, Rajiv Dutt, Gaushala head Ramesh Kumar Nikku, Brahmin Sabha Mahila Mandal President Hema Gerola, and their team contributed.

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