August 25, 2021 09:53 PM

 Chandigarh/Mumbai (Face2News)

A four part anthology series SWAAD is soon to be launched. The anthology series deals with the lack of essential flavours and essence of life.

This four part web series is being produced by the trio Deepak Gupta, Deepti Gupta and Sachin Gupta under the banners Chilsag Pictures and Treasure Tales Media and is written and directed by Sachin Gupta.

The first two parts of the series star Ashnoor Kaur and Shweta Tiwari in leading roles. While Ashnoor is accompanied by relatively newer faces in the industry, Shweta Tiwari’s co-stars include Ashwath Bhatt and Riya Subodh, both of whom are very famous theatre and film actors.

While the common theme in the four parts is the `swaad’ of life, each story touches a different angle in the journey called life. The series looks at young urban characters who are essentially disgruntled due to the `spice’ missing from their lives.

Speaking about the series, producer Deepak Gupta states: ``Two of the four episodes have already been shot and we are finalising the lead actors for the other two. In addition to this anthology series, we are also going to launch many music videos and more shows like this both for the national and international market.’’

Treasure Tales is a Film, Web Series, Music video Production House run by Deepak Gupta and Deepti Gupta. Chilsag Pictures was established in 2003 by Sachin Gupta. The company operates a diversified portfolio in the world of cinema and performing arts. It is widely known for its compelling themes and subject driven content.

Swaad was shot in various locations in Delhi and Mumbai Cities. The two episodes were shot in a record span of five days. The next leg of the shooting is going to be in Goa. The shooting was done with all covid protocols in place.

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