September 16, 2021 09:51 PM

Chandigarh /Gurugram(Face2News)

Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal reached residence of Tarun Bhardwaj at village Bhondsi in Gurugram district who, was martyred in an avalanche in Siachen, to express his condolence to the bereaved family.

Giving courage to the bereaved family, Sh. Manohar Lal said that Tarun has made a supreme sacrifice for the country and everyone is proud of his martyrdom.

Paying obeisance to Sh. Nand Kishore, the father of martyr Tarun, Chief Minister said that the State Government has made a Policy for the martyrs, according to which their family will be given financial assistance and one member of the family will also get a job as per the qualification.

The Chief Minister announced to name the community centre of the village after the martyr Tarun.

Chief Minister further said that the possibilities of upgrading the village Bhondsi PHC to CHC or to a small hospital would be explored. He also announced to name a road after the martyr Tarun.

Sh. Manohar Lal said that the present state government has given jobs to 279 persons by identifying the families of the martyrs. These include the families of the martyrs of the Indo-Pak war of 1971.
According to the Policy made by the Haryana government for the martyrs, financial assistance of Rs. 50 lakh is given to the family of the martyr and a job is given to a family member.

The Chief Minister said that the government would always be ready to extend all possible help to the family members of martyr Tarun.

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