October 17, 2021 08:45 PM

Chandigrh (Face2News)

The lockdown response to COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented reduction in the global pollution levels, giving us hope that with the right steps and management, nature can be rebound within a generation. Taking this as learning, Touchstone Educationals- a renowned English language school especially known for its IELTS teaching and study visa processing, allowed more space for nature to recover by conducting a grand cycling drive in order to generate awareness on using non-polluting means of transportation and make the "City Beautiful" cycle-friendly on 17th October, Sunday. 

The 4 kilometers' long drive covered Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden. More than 50 employees of Touchstone participated in the event including Mr Ashutosh Anand, Managing Director and Mr Vishal Kakkar, Vice President, Touchstone Educationals wearing T-shirts that promoted the "Go Green" agenda. Besides, the bicycle rally was greeted by hundreds of people at brief stopovers. 

In his remarks, Mr Anand said that Touchstone Educationals has always stood by the idea of sustainable development by promoting environmentally-friendly means of commuting. Mr Kakkar further emphasized the need of encouraging the culture of using bicycles not only to make the city free from greenhouse gas emissions, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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