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November 18, 2021 09:33 AM

Raj Sadosh

Excited by the gracious presence of Shree Saini, the first Indo American to win the Miss World America title, artists made a splash with their talent at the Diwali Ball 2021 held in the Hilton area of America.

The audience warmly welcomed Chief guest Shree Saini on her arrival.

Chief organiser of the programme, Nidhi Kumar said - Words fall short to express gratitude and happiness following the huge success of the East Side Diwali Ball 2021. We had a more than expected turnout and it was extremely satisfying and refreshing to meet with a lot of beautifully dressed happy faces since the start of the pandemic.“We would like to thank our photographer ZF photography Abhi Djgabbar for creating special memories and capturing them. Thanks so much to Chandrayee Bhattacharyya for the awesome dance performance. You guys are outstanding. Thanks to Elisha Chauhan and Rakesh Arun for hosting the Diwali Ball beautifully, Nidhi added.

An alumnus of DAV College Siwan, Nidhi further said, “We would also like to thank all our sponsors for their support, this event would not have been possible without them. Pooja Agarwal, Real Estate Broker, VG Force, Apna Bazar, Sugar Flakes Bakery USA Travel Services KeyBank Little champ child care Vikas Gaur Karachi Paan House, Florence-florist.

We are thankful to Neetu Ojha Pathak, Pankaj Bhandari, Sagrika Singh for their unconditional love for us and backstage help. Without them this event could not be possible, she added.   

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