December 06, 2021 10:05 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

With a haul of six gold and five silver medals, GGD SD College, Sector-32, Chandigarh won the Panjab University Inter College Boxing (Men) Championship . They collected 45 points to emerge champions.

SGGS College, Sector-26, Chandigarh won five gold,five silver and one bronze medal and were awarded 41.5 points to pave their runners-up position. Panjab University, Chandigarh secured 12.5 points for the third slot in the team championship.
48 kg: 1 Kuldeep Kumar (GGDSD-32), 2 Shubham (GNC-Fzr Cantt), 3 Akashdeep (GC-Hoshiarpur).
51 kg: 1 Rishabh (GGDSD-32), 2 Kavi Kumar (SGGS-26, Chd), 3 Aditya (DAV-Hsp).
54 kg: 1 Mewa Singh (PU Campus), 2 Vishal (SGGS-26), 3 Karan (DAV Hsp).
57 kg: 1 Rohan (SGGS-Chd), 2 Prashant (GGDSD-32), 3 Vansh (DAV-Hoshiarpur) and Rohit (Govt. College, Ldh).
60 kg: 1 Rahul (SGGS-Chd), 2 Hritik (GGD SD-Chd), 3 Vishal Kumar (AS College Khanna) and Ravinder (PGGC-11, Chd).
63.5 kg: 1 Harshdeep (SGGS-Chd), 2 Sourabh (GGD SD-Chd), 3 Devrat (PU Campus) and Vishal (GNC-Fzr).
67 kg: 1 Ravi Kumar (SGGS-Chd), 2 Aman (GGD SD-Chd), 3 Shiraj (PU Campus-Chd) and Aditya (DAV-Chd).
71 kg: 1 Rahul (GGD SD-Chd), 2 Gurpreet (DAV-Chd), 3 Vishal (SGGS-Chd) and Pradeep Singh (GC-Hsp).
75 kg: 1 Akshay Kumar (SGGS-Chd), 2 Sahil (GGD SD-Chd), 3 Gurekam Singh (MR Fazlika) and Sameer (DAV-Chd).
80 kg: 1 Harpreet (GGD SD-Chd), 2 Nitish Kumar (SGGS-Chd), 3 Abhay (PU Campus-Chd) and Sundram (DAV-Chd).
86 kg: 1 Jagwinder (SRC-Dalla), 2 Anshul (SGGS-Chd), 3 Rohit Bawa (PG GC-11, Chd) and Anshnoor Singh (G C, Hsp).
92 kg: 1 Pritam (GGD SD-Chd), 2 Lovejeet Singh (GNC, Fzr Cantt), 3 Ajay Kumar (PU Campus).
+92 kg: 1 Sagar (GGD SD-Chd), 2 Dayanand (SGGS-Chd), 3 Anandveer (GN-Narangwal) and Mohit Mehlawat (PU Campus).

DAV COLLEGE WIN WOMEN'S TENNIS: DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh won the women’s tennis crown by beating Panjab University Campus by 2-0 in the final of the PU Inter-College Championship.
In the first singles Simran blanked Adity Dogra 6-0, 6-0 to give DAV College a winning start. Anaam beat Manisha 6-3, 6-0 as DAV College emerged champions.
For the third position MCM DAV College Sector -36 beat GGD SD Sector 32 by 2-1 (Khushleen loses to Lavanya 4-3, 2-4, 4-3, Himaanshika beat Shamita 4-0, 4-0, Khusleen and Himaanshika beat Lavanya and Shamita 3-4, 4-0, 4-3)..

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