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By Madan Gupta Spatu, Astrologer & Vaastu Consultant, Chandigarh.

Madan Gupta Sapatu

Astrologically speaking ,it is always auspicious to deposit money , purchase new Insurance policy, buy gold or any asset on the first day of the New year or Nav Samvat [ April 6 this year ] . It is believed that money or assets multiply or remain safe even if you keep 12 almonds wrapped in yellow or red cloth this day ,in the safe or bank locker where you keep ornaments or jewelery. A word of caution- Neither lend money to anyone nor borrow on the first day of the year.

Number 3 will rule 2019

If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th day of any month or you have a Number 3 as Life Path Master Number or born on Thursday or born between 19th February to 27th March and between 21st November to 21st December.the New year 2019 shall prove a turning point in your life.

The number 3 stands in symbolism for the planet Jupiter. This planet has a very crucial role in India’s Destiny too this time . Jupiter will be exalted and enter in Sagittarius sign during the Lok Sabha elections and shall bring the ruling party to power and making Mr Modi PM once again.

The sum of 1947 when New India emerged was also 3 now in 2019 a new revolution is likely to come and our country will excel in many fields.

Number 3 will rule 2019

If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th day of any month or you have a Number 3 as Life Path Master Number or born on Thursday or born between 19th February to 27th March and between 21st November to 21st December.the New year 2019 shall prove a turning point in your life.


You will get mixed results in business and job, but your hard work and sincerity will mostly yield good results. If you are working in a job or service, then you might receive a promotion or salary hike. Some auspicious work might get completed this year. There might be an increase in the number of members in the family. Mother’s health will improve and siblings will get success in education or career. A property related dispute may arise in the family, however, it will not last for a long time, and situation will become normal soon.

Favourable Colours- Red, Yellow

Favourable Days- Tuesday,Sunday.

Favourable Gems- Ruby ,Carnelian , Red Tourmaline , Star Ruby .

Donot- cheat anyone.

Donate- If you are in good health, then donate blood on Tuesday willingly.  


2019 will fare slightly better in terms of money and finance.You might have to struggle hard in the career and profession. The love life will flourish; you might not experience any difference in the beginning of the year though. But, few issues might arise between you and your partner leading to unnecessary conflicts. All family issues will be resolved in a peaceful and amicable manner.

Favourable Colours-White ,Silver.

Favourable Days- Monday, Wednesday.

Favourable Gems- Pearl ,White Saphire

Donot- stand any surety in court for anyone.

Donate- Plant a pomegranate tree in a park or temple, and water it from time to time.


2019, is going to be just average. To get success in career and profession, you will have to do a lot of hard work. March can be good for your love life and your relationship with the partner will improve tremendously. On several occasions, you will feel fortunate or thankful to have a great partner or a wonderful love life. In the beginning of the year, you will particularly look out for opportunities to share your feelings with the partner. You will be determined and sincere towards studies. Essentially, your hard work and sincerity in studies will decide your future. You will feel mentally strong and energetic all throughout the year.

Favourable Colours- Green

Favourable Days-Wednesday, Friday

Favourable Gems- Emerald

Donot- purchase leather goods this year.

Donate- Gift your sister, maternal aunt and paternal aunt a green sari and green bangles on Wednesday.


All your efforts will yield positive results, and you need to keep working hard towards achieving your goals. The period starting from February to March and November to December will be quite significant in terms of career and profession. You might get some news during this period related to your job or business. If you are employed in a service or job, then you can expect a promotion or handsome salary hike.

Favourable Colours-Silver ,White

Favourable Days- Sunday ,Monday

Favourable Gems- Moti, Diamond.

Donot- travel abroad before July.

Donate- On every Monday, offer dry, unbroken rice to community places or langars.


You will get favorable results in studies; however, you won’t be quite satisfied. Your dedication and hard work at job will get you recognition. You might get new opportunities or job offers, especially in the beginning of the year. The first half of the year will be particularly favorable for your career and professional growth. Your seniors will recognize your hard work and sincerity towards work, and reward your accordingly. You might expect a promotion or salary hike this year.

Favourable Colours-Golden, Yellow.

Favourable Days-Sunday,Thursday.

Favourable Gems- Pukhraj

Donot- donate your used clothes without taking token money.

Donate- Regularly feed wheat dough or Peda to a cow and move your hand on her back three times.


There are mixed results for your career this year. You may avail various opportunities during this period. You may earn a better reputation in your job or business due to strong communication skills and flair in language. Your financial life may also do average this year. Your income may rise and you may accumulate wealth from different sources. During January, February, and March, you may earn through varied sources, but your expenses may also increase in this period.

Favourable Colours- Green, Sky Blue

Favourable Days- Wednesday,Friday

Favourable Gems- Panna, Heera.

Donot- invest in shares , securities or mutual funds.

Donate- Feed green fodder and vegetables to cow and donate as much as possible to any cowshed .


Upcoming year is going to be good in many ways. This year one can expect for good results in career, education and economic sector. At the same time, family and love life will also be pleasant.Due to new ideas, you can get promotions in the work area. In this year, do not expect much help from the colleagues in your job and business. It would be better if you do your work by yourself. Fate will help you with money related issues this year. As a result, you may acquire money gains. You will get many good opportunities in financial matters. With this, your financial condition will strengthen more.

Favourable Colours- Cream, White, Purple

Favourable Days- Friday,Monday

Favourable Gems-Solitaire, Zircon.

Donot- hurt any females feelings.

Donate- milk or milk products to poor .


2019, is going to bring a lot of happiness and prosperity to you. You will get new opportunities in career and your financial position will get stronger. You might get an exciting job offer, or get a chance to travel abroad for work or business. The months of August and September will be especially favorable in terms of career growth.The financial life will be better than expected, but you might experience few ups and downs sometimes. You might tend to spend more than your income, which might create some financial strain.

Favourable Colours- Orange, Red,Pink

Favourable Days- Tuesday, Sunday

Favourable Gems- Moonga, Coral

Donot-take any south facing house on rent.

Donate- Plant a Peepal or medicinal tree in a park or temple far away from your home and worship it every Thursday.


You may face challenges on career front during the year. You may, however, achieve success amidst struggle. You may be promoted this year. Working harder and tirelessly may bring you fruitful results. Your financial situation may become highly favourable. There is possibility of you making monetary gains in your business this year. This implies that your business may grow rapidly. You may also expect to be benefitted by your ancestral property. Act according to time and situation. You may mint more money than you could ever expect.

Favourable Colours- Yellow,Orange

Favourable Days-Tuesday, Thursday

Favourable Gems- Yellow Sapphire ,Red Coral.

Donot- marry without matching horoscopes if Mangleek.

Donate- these five items: black sesame seeds, a black cloth, urad dal, mustard or sesame oil and iron.


2019 this year you will enjoy your love life well. Your love life will be exciting.This year you have to take care of your health. You may also have some physical pains in the last month of the year in December, such as eye disorders, problems of insomnia, joint pain and stomach disorders etc. Do not eat foods such as stale, fast food, fried or roasted. There should be no shortage of water in the body so drink plenty of water.

Favourable Colours- Black, Grey

Favourable Days-Saturday

Favourable Gems-Neelam,Gomed

Donot- drink.

Donate- Serve in an orphanage, old ashram or blind schools on Sundays and distribute free medicines.


The year 2019 will be quite special for your marriage life, but the months of March and April might be slightly challenging. Try to understand your spouse’s feelings and avoid argument over unnecessary matters. If you have a child, then this year will be favorable for him. There is a saying, ‘Health is Wealth’. If you are healthy and fit, then you can achieve anything that you desire in life.

Favourable Colours- Steel Grey, Electric mixed .

Favourable Days-Saturday,Wednesday.

Favourable Gems- Blue Sapphire, Garnet.

Donot- wear red dresses.

Donate- On Saturday, offer wheat flour to the ants and donate mustard oil and black urad dal to any Shani temple. 


If you are a student, you may accomplish in academics this year but you should concentrate on your studies. Nurture the quality of curiosity within you. If you are not curious to know and learn things, others may beat you or leave you behind. If you are married, 2019 may prove to be special for you. You may relish sweet experiences in your married life during this year. Your spouse may become the cause of your happiness. You may, however, also have to go through bitter experiences that leave you disappointed.

Favourable Colours-Brown, Orange.

Favourable Days- Tuesday,Thursday

Favourable Gems- Pukhraj, Sunehla

Donot- purchase ornaments this year.

Donate- Donate Chana Dal and Turmeric on Thursday and feed a brahmin with a good intention.

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