March 18, 2021 09:12 PM


We are completing one year of first case in Chandigarh today and it is the time to do introspection. Since I have seen the struggling Officials and health workers including doctors in every hospital including GMCH, GMSH and PGI with of course all another health facilities. I have been knowing the efforts put in by many officers with maintaining supplies of dry food items, Langar and help to migratory workers. And Of course, large number of NGOS and individuals particularly who helped the CORONA Cases and death/cremation etc worked relentlessly.

When such a gigantic work comes at hand than naturally all resources are put to work so has administration done which we need to appreciate with open heart without going into flaws. Just for example father of a daughter may put in all his efforts but boy side will find the faults always. It is naturally like that only. Administration has put in all its efforts and made all out to control the situation.

I am surprised to see the newspapers some of which are carrying negative news only.

Of course, I know system has failed us, many times, very miserably but still we have to appreciate the positive side also. And GOOD MANAGER who always gets the things done gets it done through appreciation ALSO while making efforts to retain balance between positive and negative. We are facing the hard time again and I am fully convinced that it is public at large if it cooperates even partially fight with CORONA is not a big game. Let us do our best keep positive attitude and follow the guidelines to protect ourselves and entire society/Nation

(Mr. R.K.Garg is known RTI activist)

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