September 26, 2021 05:10 PM

By R.K.Garg

CPIOs refuse information on flimsy grounds making selective use of judicial Pronouncements & Guidelines without valid grounds. Keeping my options open under RTI Act. undersigned Requests for Inquiry.

Example one : Health tdepartment : Uses a Supreme Court Civil Appeal No. 10044 of 2010 in matter of a Delhi Resident made applicable in Punjab only Chandigarh administration never forwarded it to CPIOs of Chandigarh

On 14.08.2021 vide RTI application No. DIRHS/R/E/21/00037 asked information in 5 points relating to personnel department of health basically regarding their transfer policy and posting of health employees in rural and urban areas for more than 3 and 5 years in transfer policy. Surprisingly for the purpose of transfers and posting CPIO uses Civil Appeal 10044 of 2010, which has not been adopted by UT administration yet, for the purpose of names etc. but in other point reveals the name of an employee who died during the COVID. So CPIO has used the judicial pronouncement without studying it but simply made an effort to hide the information under RTI Act

Example Two : Forest Deptt :Uses CIC GUIDELINE DATED 06.05.2013 ( THERE IS NO SUCH GUIDELINE QUOTED FROM DOPT GOI ) to refuse the information major part of which they have already supplied to me and for the other point CPIO has already supplied the information to other applicants. The matter of worry is while CPIO has supplied the Major information but used SC Judgement to hide copies of Contract awarded. And refused even after Rs 388 was paid on his own demand raised vide Letter No. FOR/21/1939 dated 27.8.2021 but later on refused the information quoting above guidelines naturally in an effort to hide the copies of contract and Audit Reports pertaining to Forest deptt.

Such Tactical use of Judicial Pronouncements to hide public documents shows the CPIO in very bad confused state

I request an independent enquiry regarding the transfer and posting policy of Health depart and also strict action against the CPIO of Forest Deptt as why he had asked for photocopy charges earlier then refused to part with copies of Contracts and Audit reports even after receiving the requisite payment and reminders. (Mr. R.K.Garg is an activist of RTI)

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