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National President of National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) and State President of Federation of Private Schools Welfare Association Haryana, Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma addressed a press conference in Chandigarh on Tuesday. While speaking to the media he said that the National Education Policy 2020 is being implemented in the country in a phased manner.

On this occasion, Satbir Patel, Srichand Jaffran, Rajesh Munjal, Pradeep Kasan and other dignitaries were present during the press conference along with Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma.

It is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream to witness our country becoming world leader in the field of education. The ground reality is that private schools have a very important contribution in the education system of the country. The situation is that private schools are struggling with various problems and corruption and the Federation of Private Schools Welfare Association Haryana is struggling to solve these problems.

Earlier, the Federation had held detailed discussion with Haryana Education Minister Kanwar Pal in which solutions to many issues were agreed upon and many effective steps were taken. During the discussion, mainly the issue of exemption on land for private schools, issue of one step upgradation and waiving off fine imposed on Haryana Board teachers and consent was given to refund the fine collected. The federation members thanked the Haryana Government and the Honorable Minister for addressing these issues. The federation warmly welcomed the steps taken in the interest of education.

During the press conference, Dr. Sharma said that apart from this we want to bring many other issues before them in the interest of education to get rid of the complexity of these issues, eliminating corruption so that our country achieves higher position in the field of education.

Dr. Sharma said in the press conference that the government should release the outstanding fund to the private schools under 134-A which is pending for the last 9 years as soon as possible. This step will provide significant financial relief to school operators.

While refering to the sports fund imposed by the government Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma termed it as absolutely unfair and unjust. He further added that the government should take sports funds only from those children who are participating in sports. Whereas the government is taking sports funds from all the children which is not right.

Private schools which have been recognised permanently must be removed from the renewal and review system. There should not be any kind of inspection regarding these in these schools. The school operators have fulfilled all the rules while taking recognition. In such a situation, if necessary, a simple affidavit should be taken from them.

Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma said that the rules in which the government has given us relief and talked about paying the bond amount, the government had given two years time for that. The situation is as per the notification issued. Time has been given till 31st March. In such a situation, we have only five months time. Our demand is that we should be given full two years' time.

The issue of U DICE in private schools is also very important for us. Under this issue, CLU schools, built before 2003, that wish 11-feet walkway, should get permission from the government.

Haryana Education Minister Kanwar Pal has announced relief for pledge money. The federation demands that a notification be issued on this issue soon.

The children whose admissions have been done under Chirag Yojana should be declared valid and the pending payment should be made immediately after removing all kinds of obstacles.

Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma said that in the case of children from 9th to 12th, an agreement was reached in the meeting held with the Education Minister. In this case, according to Chirag, these children should be paid Rs 1100.

Dr. Sharma said that in the important meeting held with Honorable CM Manohar Lal Khattar and Education Minister Kanwar Pal, the CM had passed a proposal that the government is ready to give the Hooda site to the private schools of the State Board. In such a situation, our demand is that the government should make and announce rules on this issue and provide sites to Haryana Board schools at concessional rates, so that the level of education be raised as per the vision of the CM.

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