November 30, 2023 08:28 PM


Marking a significant step towards providing advanced learning resources for students, Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur inaugurated the first-ever police e-library in Sonipat district. During the inauguration, DGP Kapur highlighted the state-of-the-art facilities in the e-library, emphasizing its substantial benefits for students preparing for competitive examinations.

The event witnessed a large participation of students from various government and degree colleges, along with students from DAV Police Public School. DGP took the opportunity to inspect the e-library premises and familiarize himself with the facilities available for the students.

Expressing his best wishes to the students and the surrounding communities, DGP Kapur said that the e-library would particularly aid students preparing for competitive exams. He underscored that the study materials provided at the e-library would inspire students in their educational journey. Furthermore, the e-library aims to serve as a platform for students preparing for competitive exams, offering resources in multiple languages.

During his address, DGP Kapur earnestly appealed to the youth to refrain from engaging in drug-related activities and instead, redirect their energy towards academic pursuits, sports, and social service. Emphasizing the profound societal consequences of drug addiction, DGP Kapoor not only encouraged individuals to distance themselves from such detrimental habits but also urged them to proactively contribute to preventing the younger generation from falling into the trap of substance abuse. The police department is diligently conducting awareness campaigns, aiming to motivate and inspire the youth to make informed choices and abstain from the harmful influence of drug

This e-library, a significant initiative by Haryana Police in Sonipat district, is expected to benefit candidates preparing for various competitive exams, including UPSC, NDA, CDS, and banking exams. The facility boasts state-of-the-art amenities, housing standard books, magazines, globes, maps, dictionaries, and other educational materials across diverse subjects. Adequate seating arrangements have been made to facilitate students attending teaching sessions. Additionally, the e-library features a modern photo studio, a language room, a conference hall, and a guest room.

The inauguration ceremony received appreciation from senior officials of Ashoka University, Jindal University, SRM University, and other educational institutions. The initiative was lauded as a valuable resource for the younger generation, fostering motivation for higher studies and encouraging them to stay away from substance abuse.

Police Commissioner Sonipat Shri B. Satish Balan, Deputy Commissioner of Police Gohana Mrs. Bharti Dabas, Deputy Commissioner of Police Headquarters Mr. Virend Sangwan, Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Mr. Vijay Singh, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Rahul Dev, and Sandeep Dhankhar Ramesh Jaglan. were also present on the occasion. 

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