December 19, 2023 09:31 PM


Despite many efforts being done by governments from time to time, healthcare continues to be expensive for lakhs of Indian families belonging to middle and lower classes. Total healthcare expenses include doctor consultation fee, laboratory test charges, hospitalisation fees and cost of medicines. Out of these expenses incurred on medicines is much higher for many patients in India. We have taken an initiative to provide high quality medicines at much lower prices.

Cure Fast Online Pharmacy has started its first retail store in sector 44-D, Chandigarh where the customers can buy quality medicines at a discount up to 80%. The aim of the company is to provide high quality, authentic and WHO-GMP certified medicines at muchlower prices. This will save significant money of the customers. All our medicines are procured directly from reputed manufacturers.

The company has also launched its mobile app which is currently available on Google Play Store with the name of Cure Fast. The customer can search medicines by brand name or by composition of medicine. App will give alternative medicine having same active ingredients but at much lower cost. The user can see the prices of medicines online and can order online by uploading a valid prescription. People who are taking medicines on regular basis can benefit hugely. For example, Vitamin D3 60000 shot is available in the market at a price of Rs. 50-70 whereas Cure Fast is selling it at Rs. 30 only.

The company plans to launch its retail pharmacy chain in North India in near future by opening its own stores and through franchisee model in various towns.

Patients consuming medicines on regular basis like diabetic, cardiac or hypertension can save significantly every month. Cure Fast has already started home delivery service in tricity. Customers can place orders through whatsapp or by calling on phone number 62800-64900. The medicines are delivered within 24 hours. 

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