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Police reported to have solved case of theft in Sector 22A  and recovered kitchen utensils and other articles  from 4 accused of a gang.  This case was registered on the complaint of Vikram S/o late Sh. Sheo Ram resident of H. No. 671, Sector-22/A Chandigarh in which he stated that he along with his
family had gone to his in laws house Mohali on dated 06.02.24 at about 8:00 PM.

He return back on 07.02.2024, at about 1:45 PM and found that his house was scattered and discover Mangal Sutra, Blanket (2), Utensils and pen drivers were stolen. Upon which the above said FIR was registered against unknown persons.

On 17.04.2024, six accused namely 1) Mohd. Sajid @ Chhota S/o Late Modh. Sahil 2) Partik Goad @ Chhedi Lal S/o Om Parkash 3) Rajan Chaudhary S/o Late Herra Chaudhary 4) Ramaji Parshad S/o Late Sohda Parshad 5) Jitender Singh @ Gaggan S/o Late Taranjeet Singh 6) Swarjot Singh @ Savi S/o Gurbhej Singh were arrested in case FIR No. 55 dated 17.04.2024 u/s 399, 402 IPC, PS-11 Chandigarh, while they were planning for Dacoity and recovered sharp weapons etc. from them. During investigation, discloser statements of accused Mohd. Sajid @ Chhota S/o Late Modh. Shahid R/o Jhuggi No. 1047, Janta Colony, Sector-25 Chandigarh Age-36 years and Partik Goad @ ChadiLal S/o Om Parkash R/o H. No. 3930, Sector-25 D Chandigarh, Age-21 years have been recorded, in which they stated that Mohd. Sajid @ Chhota and Partik Goad @ Chadi Lal had committed theft in a house in Sector-22/A Chandigarh and stolen articles were distributed among Mohd. Sajid @ Chota and Partik Goad @ Chadi Lal, Rajan Chaudhary and Ramaji Parshad which was hidden by them.

On 20.04.2024, after getting permission from the Hon’ble Court all four accused have been arrested in case FIR No. 09 dated 07.02.20214 u/s 380 IPC added 411, 34 IPC, PS-17, Chandigarh and 01 day police remand was obtained. During their police remand, as per the discloser, stolen articles i.e. 7 items of kitchen utensils, 7 ladies unstitched suit, 1 jeans pant and 3 blankets were recovered from them which were hidden by them.

Further investigation of the case is in progress. 

KNOW THE ACCUSED: Mohd Sajid @ Chota Mohd. Sajid @ Chhota  S/o Late Md. Shahid, R/o Jhuggi No. 1047, Janta Colony, Sector-25, Chandigarh, Age :- 36 Years, Qualification :- Illiterate. Occupation :- Embroidery designer

Recovery:  ladies unstitched suits, 04,  Kitchen utensils 03

Criminal Record : After going through criminal record of Criminal Mohd. Sajid @ Chhota, 04 cases
have been found registered against him:- 1. FIR No. 58 dated 07.04.2023 u/s 473,411 IPC & 25-54-59 ARMS ACT, PS-11, Chd.

FIR No. 04 dated 27.01.2021 u/s 394, 34 IPC, PS-11, Chd. 3. One case of Theft registered in PS-Mullanpur, Pb.,  One case of Theft registered in Ludhiana, Pb.

Profile of Accused:- Partik Goad @ Chhedi Lal Partik Goad @ Chhedi Lal Father Name :- Om Parkash
Present Address:- R/o H. No. 3930, Sector-25 D Chandigarh Age :- 21 Years Qualification :- 8 th Occupation :- Painter
Recovery:  ladies unstitched suits 03, Kitchen utensils 04
Criminal Record : After going through criminal record of Criminal Partik Goad @ ChhediLal, 02 case
have been found registered against him:-

1. FIR No. 55 dated 20.03.2020 u/s 377 IPC &6 POCSO, PS-11, Chd., 2. FIR No. 128 dated 24.09.2021 u/s 379, 411 IPC, PS-11, Chd., 

3. Profile of Accused:- Rajan Chaudhary .RajanChaudhary Father Name :- Late HerraChaudhary Present Address:- R/o Isharpur Road, Tehsil-DeraBassi, Punjab Age :- 40 Yearsm Qualification :- Illiterate Occupation :- Scrap Dealer
Recovery :  Blanket 01, Jeans 01,

criminal Record : After going through criminal record of Criminal RajanChaudhary, 01 FIR of theft in PS-DeraBassi, Pb has been found registered against him. 

4. Profile of Accused:- Ramaji Parshad  RamajiParshad Father Name :- Late SohdaParshad Present Address:- R/o Jhuggi, Mamta Enclave, Zirakpur (PB)  Age :- 32 Years Qualification :- 8th Occupation :- Taxi Driver

Recovery:  Blanket 02

Criminal Record:   After going through criminal record of Criminal Ramaji Parshad, 01 FIR of theft in
PS-Zirakpur, Pb has been found registered against him.

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