May 28, 2024 09:53 AM


The Department of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development successfully organized a Rural Election Mela at the Composite Anganwadi Building in Bapu Dham, focusing on raising awareness about the importance of voting in the upcoming General Elections for the Lok Sabha, 2024.

The event was inaugurated by the Programme Officer, accompanied by other esteemed officers from the Social Welfare Department. The mela featured various engaging activities designed to inform and motivate the community, especially first-time voters, about their voting rights and the significance of participating in the democratic process.

Attractions included a Mehandi Corner, Face Painting Corner, and Bangle Corner, where beneficiaries were not only entertained but also educated about the value of their vote. T-shirts were distributed to first-time voters as a token of encouragement to emphasize the importance of their participation in the electoral process.

The cultural highlight of the event was a captivating Haryanvi Dance performance by Anganwadi Workers, which creatively conveyed the message that every individual's vote counts.

Additionally, the mela hosted a Quiz Competition and a Slogan Writing Competition, with prizes awarded to the top three winners in each category, fostering a spirit of community engagement and awareness.

Face painting was another popular activity, further enhancing the festive atmosphere and allowing beneficiaries to express their enthusiasm for the elections.

The Programme Officer and the State Mission Coordinator from the Hub for Empowerment of Women addressed the attendees, underscoring the critical importance of their votes in shaping the future and encouraging them to participate actively in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

In parallel, the Municipal Corporation is conducting various activities under the Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) program through Self Help Groups (SHGs). These groups are carrying out door-to-door campaigns in their respective areas to inform and encourage residents to vote on 01st June 2024. Election Commission of India Prepares for Upcoming Lok Sabha General Elections in Chandigarh

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