August 19, 2019 10:10 PM

Chandigarh (Subhash Jindal)

Extension of appointment of Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon, as VC of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana comes under HC Scanner:-

In a writ of Quo-Warranto filed by Jagdeep Singh Gill, Chairman of Samajik Jagriti Front, Punjab, seeking removal of Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon from the post of Vice Chanceller of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, a Bench of the HC comprising Justice Tejinder Singh Dhindsa today issued notices for 29th October, 2019 to State of Punjab, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, its Vice Chanceller, Dr.B.S. Dhillon, ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research , New Delhi, and UGC (University Grants Commission), New Delhi.

The petitioner has contended that under Section 15 of the Haryana and Punjab Agricultural Universities Act, 1970, the Board of Governors can appoint Vice Chanceller of Agricultural University, Ludhiana, in the prescribed manner. Further, term of office of Vice Chanceller shall be four years, and he shall be eligible for reappointment. The Counsel for petitioner argued that Dr. Dhillon was appointed as VC in 2011, for a tenure of 4 years upto 2015. Again, he was appointed as VC in 2015 for a tenure of four years upto 2019. Now again, he has been appointed for two years upto 30.6.2021 by giving him extension for two more years. 

The Counsel for petitioner argued that in term of Section 15 (2) of the Act of 1970, Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon could not have been appointed beyond second term, as in the absence of any maximum age prescribed upto which a VC can continue on his post, any term beyond second term would amount to appointing a VC in perpetuity.

He also argued that even if it is to be presumed that a VC can be appointed for a further tenure beyond second term, that could not have been done without following a transparent procedure of inviting applications, and determination of inter-se merit of various aspiring eligible candidates, whereas Dr. B. Dhillon has been granted latest extension of two years, without following any such transparent process. Thus, his extension ordered vide order dated 21.6.2019, issued by State Government, on the basis of resolution passed by Board is against letter and spirit of the 1970 statute, and requires to be set aside, and Dr. Dhillon should be ordered to be removed from post of Vice Chancellor.

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