October 14, 2016 06:23 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Whenever parents search a suitable match for their children they go for horoscope matching.  If horoscope matching holds any relevance, if God exists why trust astrology and if astrology exists why trust god, medical astrology. To answer such queries a camp is being organised by Sadhguru Anand at Chandigarh Club on October 16 from 10 am to 5 pm. Disclosing this in a press conference here today, Anand said," The information about subjects like do remedies work in astrology, relevance of wearing Gem Stones, medical astrology and Welfare of people through astrology will also be imparted in this camp."  He has has been guiding people since 12 years through his sidh knowledge when he attained knowledge about it in 1998. Without charging anything for the consultancy, Sadhguru Anand said," People come to me with lot of problems, how can I ask for money from a troubled man. I am not running any commercial center, anyone and everyone is welcome to meet me and i will be happy to help. ” runs a Charitable Trust under the name Sadhguru Anand Charitable and Welfare Society (REGD) where the donors can always donate.While talking to media persons he also spoke at length about Medical astrology. Claiming to have done lot of research in the field of medical astrology, he said," This science of medical astrology has been there since ages but has disappeared due to lack of written scriptures on it. Since almost 10 years I have researched on this subject and cured many patients suffering from fatal diseases. I do not challenge the medical fraternity but if both of them co- exist it will be of great help to people of the world." He answered the queries raised to him related to 

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