February 04, 2017 05:42 PM

Madan Gupta Spatu

Chandigarh : As per the original hand made horoscope of Mr Amrinder Singh which was shown to me before last to last elections approximately more than a decade back, where I had expressed his unsuccessful attempt which proved true, now shows a successful time ahead. Born on March 11,1942, 03:21am ; at Patiala, with Dhanu Lagna and Dhanu rashi [Sagittarius Ascendant and same Moon sign] , he is passing through a nice and promising period of Jupiter-Moon from June 1,2016 to October 1,2017 . Above all Saturn has already transited in his Dhanu Rashi and Dhanu ascendant from January 26,2017 onwards, which promises the leadership of the state in the coming time .The elections will be held during his favourable period which ensures his victory and lead the state. The party may have to enter into alliances with different groups and smaller parties. The possibility of his becoming the next Chief Minister of Punjab in this period can not be ruled out. 

Mr Parkash Singh Badal’s [December 8,1927] regime seems to be over due to current Ketu-Mercury period.

Whereas Sukhbir Badal who is the driving force behind the party was born on July 9,1962 and is running under the Saturn period , will have very tough competition and contest, may face opposition from own persons and internal rift with allied supportive party. His horoscope does not show very strong chances to stage a come back as a ruler , astrologically speaking.

AAP party will emerge with great pomp and show but stars of Arvind Kejriwal[16.8.1968;23:46; Hissar ] which has complete Kaal Sarp combination in the birthchart, does not ensure the grabbing ruling powers and all the privileges that go with it. Nor any person has been projected for leading the state so far.

Regarding the horoscope of Punjab State, itself, it is governed by Virgo and Pisces signs which indicate unrest in the state despite several developmental activities . The planetary and celestial configuration of planets situated in the horoscope of Punjabindicate the change of government after January 26,2017 due to change of Saturn’s position. 

India in 2017

India will improve its economy and win over the after effects of demonetization due to which the general public has suffered a lot since November 8,2016. As per astrological calculations the New Year 2017 shall be governed by King Mangal[Mars] and Mantri Guru[ Jupiter as Minister or Advisor].

Jupiter represents Money, Banking,Economy,Gold, Education,Administration while Mars indicates war, insurgency, attacks ,fire, unrest etc.

The economy of India and the banking system shall improve after April ,2017 not because of current financial year rather the New Samvat 2074 [Hindu New Year] which commences on March 28,2017. There will be drastic transformation n the country socially, financially, economically which in the long run shall affect the common man in a positive way. 

Madan Gupta Spatu,Astrologer, Chandigarh. can be contacted at Mob:98156-19620

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