NSCA to oppose de-reservation of Fatehgarh Sahib Lok Sabha Seat in Punjab

November 06, 2013 05:57 PM

New Delhi (Face2News Bureau)

The National Scheduled Castes Alliance (NSCA) has decided to oppose by tooth and nail the proposed move to de-reserve the Fatehgarh Sahib Lok Sabha Constituency in Punjab terming the proposed move as totally against the Scheduled Castes of the state. Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the NSCA, in a statement issued here today claimed that the Union Government as well as the Election Commission of India must respect the sentiments of the scheduled castes of the state as far as the case of Fatehgarh Sahib Parliamentary seat is concerned. Kainth further claimed that 36 per cent of the population of the scheduled castes is living in the area falling under this seat.He said that if there is any need to do so such things than it may go for increasing the number of reserved seats in this bordering state and not de-reserving the Fatehgarh Sahib Lok Sabha seat. He said in Fatehgarh Sahib Lok Sabha seat the population of the scheduled castes is showing increasing trend so the government must respect the sentiments of these castes and drop the idea concerning de-reserving this seat. But clarified that as far as the move concerning reserving the Ferozpur Lok Sabha seat is concerned the party is not opposed to this and if the government as well as the Election Commission of India want to consider it for reservation than OK as the population graph wise the scheduled castes have registered an upward tend in that constituency in the past several years and so the government must give the scheduled castes there share in the power. But Kainth further added that so far non of the political parties has given an edge to the scheduled castes and their plight is continue and problems un resolved. He claimed that in the present scenario in the country all the political parties are trying to use the sentiments and emotions of the scheduled castes to garner the Power. Lashing against these parties he further added that these political parties have thus set up the wings concerning the scheduled castes in their respective party set up's but how strange such so called wings are not given powers to work for the welfare of the SC's. Paramjit Singh Kainth further announced that his party has decided to give the representation on it to the Union government, Election Commission of India, Chairman of the National Scheduled Castes Commission and the Parliamentary standing committee looking after the affairs over this important issue. He said that his party will not allow to mature such uncalled for moves that is going against the state SC's.

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