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August 04, 2022 08:18 PM


The Monsoon Festival of Haryali well-known as Teej was celebrated with great enthusiasm at BBMB Guest House, Sector35-B, Chandigarh. Mrs. Deepti Srivastava wife of Chairman BBMB was present in the program as the chief guest.

During the celebration, Smt. Deepti Srivastava and BBMB Women Club members got applied Mehandi on their hands. The BBMB Women Club members participated in singing, dancing-Nati and Giddha which amused the women's gathering with frivolous games, riddles, enjoyed the breeze of wings & also participated indanceon the tunes of the DJ. Club members also took part in musical games with full enthusiasm.Teej festival was also celebrated in all project stations of BBMB.

Smt. Deepti Shrivastav said that Teej festival is the heritage of our culture, which we all have a common responsibility to preserve. Teej festival also promotes women empowerment. The festival is the strong foundation of our culture. Shesaid thatfestivals have special importance in our life and all the festivals worked to save &preserve our civilization and culture, social values.

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