November 07, 2022 05:20 PM



Member of the Congress Steering Committee and former Union Minister Kumari Selja raised the issue of shortage of DAP in Haryana and said that today the situation in the state was very dire due to the mismanagement of the BJP-JJP government. At the time of sowing, farmers were wandering for DAP fertilizers. But the government was not ready to take care of the farmers.

The government, which looted applause on the basis of false promises, was attacking the interests of farmers at every level. The government should fill the gap of DAP. On the other hand, Kumari Selja demanded withdrawal of the bond policy imposed on the students for admission in MBBS. She said that the government should accept the demands of the agitating students and withdraw the bond policy.

In a statement issued here, Kumari Selja said that ever since the BJP had come into power in Haryana along with the Centre, the state was moving from development to continuous destruction. Today, the farmer was not getting DAP for sowing. This was the first government in history, when fertilizers had to be distributed in the police stations. Women had to stand in queue for hours. The major failure of the government was that it did placed order to get the stock of fertilizers in time. Farmers were being harassed day by day in this government, said Kumari Selja.

She said that under conspiracy, neither the government procurement of the crop was not done and farmers were able to get the payment of the crop on time. Farmers do not even get compensation for damaged crops. Farmers keep wandering for fertilizers. Along with this, the impact of inflation was also affecting the farmers. Three anti-agriculture laws were introduced by the BJP government at the center to ruin the farmers. But the farmers had ruined the plans of the government and it had to withdraw the black laws. This government was harassing the farmers in every way, she added.

Government should completely withdraw bond policy

On the other hand, Kumari Selja demanded the complete withdrawal of the government's bond policy implemented for admission in MBBS, adding that the BJP-JJP alliance government had now planned to ruin professional education in the state after completely ruining school education. The manner in which the bond condition had been imposed in MBBS admission, it was a direct attack on the interests of the students who dreamt of becoming doctors on merit.

It was a very difficult task to arrange Rs 40 lakh for the family of any promising person coming from an ordinary and poor family. In other districts including Rohtak, students were agitating against this anti-people decision of the government. But instead of paying heed to the demands of the students, the government was busy suppressing the movement. The government should withdraw the bond policy completely with immediate effect, said Kumari Selja.

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