December 06, 2022 09:58 AM


Guriqbal Singh, son of Late Sardar Randhir Singh, a Freedom Fighter, from Mohalla Dehra Sahib, Manimajra has written a letter to the PMO, UT Administrator, Mayor Chandigarh, DC and other officials requesting them to provide a permanent or temporary passage to his house, which is currently blocked by a government school and a boundary wall. He shared his problem with the media at a press conference here yesterday.

Guriqbal Singh (78) said that he lives in Mohalla Dehra Sahib (near Flat No. 5274, CAT 4, MHC, MAHC, Manimajra). He was used to run a dairy business in partnership from his house before 31st December 2014 and he has main gate opened towards pocket number 10, and he has already land in pocket no 10 which was later acquired by the Chandigarh Administration to build a Government Middle School, which stopped his exit. Following which he was forced to cross the boundary wall of Manimajra Housing Complex through a small ladder.

He said that the school administration has constructed a boundary wall and now the Chandigarh administration is planning to install an iron grill on the MHC wall, which will completely block the exit of his house. The school administration has allowed them to use the school gate to move out, but the exit blocks when the school is closed.

One of his cases in this regard has been pending in the district court. He has requested to the Chandigarh Administration that he should be given a permanent passage to his house. Until this happens, at least the iron grill should not be placed near his house to give him a temporary exit.

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