June 06, 2023 08:55 AM

Raj Sadosh/Abohar.

Increasingly, more often in the canals, religious offerings are found...possibly carcinogenic. As part of the awareness drive the Surinder Jakhar Trust members have been visiting places of worship in Abohar and the priests are supportive in persuading people to use only biodegradable offerings. Priests of various shrines have been requested to motivate people to stop throwing the material in the canals after performing religious ceremonies.

  At a meeting organised by the “Apna Abohar, Apni Abha” MLA Sandeep Jakhar said that due to unplanned industrialization, increasing pollution, indiscriminate exploitation of nature, the ground water level is continuously going down, pollution in the rivers is increasing. Water has become so dirty that it is causing fatal diseases like cancer as well as joint pain, liver problems, skin diseases, allergic diseases, side effects on eyes etc.

Serious effect is also being seen on milch animals. Crops are getting ruined. Idols, clothes and plastic waste are thrown in large quantities by the people in the canal. The MLA and Mayor Vimal Thatai appealed to the people not to let any harmful material like plastic, polythene, chemicals etc flow into the water.  

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