August 03, 2023 09:33 PM

  Raj Sadosh/Abohar.

India's No. 1 comedian Kapil Sharma, who has made 54 million viewers laugh during 472 episodes, was joined by Miss World America Shree Saini in an event organized in Seattle during his US tour.Sharing the information, Shree Saini says Honored to do Press Release with Kapil Sharma, India's number one comedian and comedy legends Kiku Sharda, Vikalp Mehta and Kangana Sharma.

Kapil Sharma Show has completed 472 episodes and successfully attracted an audience of 54 million viewers across the world.

Shree asked Kapil "How does he work on his craft? Comedy is one of the hardest forms of arts to master. Unlike in dance and acting, where one can memorize their routines and scripts; in comedy, one has to be witty, do crowd work, be completely present and innovative."

Kapil Sharma’s response was "Live in a state of joy. Our teams have had so many ups and down during our tour but we make fun of each situation. Find the humour in the chaos." Then he asked Shree to speak in Hindi.

Shree said Seattle residents were thankful to Amit Juneja and Monica Juneja, Angel and Niket for giving them the gift of laughter.

Apart from Seattle, Kapil Sharma in the US made thousands of fans in attendance in Dallas, Auckland, Chicago, Los Angeles and California laugh their heart out and join in the group dancing on stage. When Kapil performed songs like Huma Huma and Ishq Tera Tadpave along with comedy, the audience got up from their chairs and started dancing.

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