August 14, 2023 09:09 PM


It was an occasion of massive gathering of American-Indian Punjabis and other communities to enjoy indigenous Indian game of robust kabaddi tournament organized by Baba Makhan Shah Lubana Sports Club, Indianapolis, at the Marion County Fairs Ground here on Sunday. One banner "Mela Mitra Da" Jee Aya Nu (Festival of Friends Welcome).

Ghoman Property Group Chairman Amarbir Singh (Alex) and CEO Harsharan Singh (Harry) graced the Cultural and Kabaddi program as the chief guests. Sallan Brothers, led by Baldev Singh, hosted the entertaining show. Royal and Punjabi Club and Punjabi Cultural Society, South Bend, Indiana were among the principal sponsors.

Players Sultan, Pala Jalalpuria, Dulla, Jairo, Ruby, Makhan Makhi, Lakha, Gora, Shanker, Gopi were among the prominent players seen in action. A raider in kabaddi is fast in action and tries to return to his camp after touching an opponent. The catcher applies steel grip to stop his opponent from returning to his side and deny him a point. A time is specified to the raider to complete his action in one breath.
Kabaddi made its maiden appearance in the 1982 Asian Games hosted by India and the hosts were the winners. Nowadays national style kabaddi is played on synthetic courts to make it more attractive in India.

Sharing the same cultural and traditions, kabaddi (circle style or matka) is enjoyed in both Punjabs (India) and Pakistan. Any kabaddi match between teams of India and Pakistan will be housefuls. It is not wrong to say kabaddi is more popular than cricket and hockey.
Sid Mahant, candidate for House of Representatives, was present on the occasion. The organizing committee honored him.

Besides the kabaddi event, tug of war competition and volleyball matches were also the other highlights of the thrilling day. Kids enjoyed the inflated playtoys. A long line was seen to get jalabies, pakoras and other snacks. Punjabi dresses and jewellery were on sale.

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