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Sony SAB's latest show, "Vanshaj," showcases a story of family politics set in the glamorous world of the Mahajan family. At the heart of this engaging narrative is Yuvika, brought to life by the talented Anjali Tatrari. Yuvika’s life takes an unforeseen twist as Gargi (Parinitaa Seth) and DJ (Mahir Pandhi) conspire against her, orchestrating a meeting between Kartik (Zaan Khan) and the Mahajan family during Shobhana’s (Kavita Kapoor) birthday celebrations. Their plan to divert Yuvika's attention towards her relationship with Kartik takes the front seat, in the hope that she will end up overlooking the Phoenix Hotel project.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see DJ plotting situations leading to Kartik’s growing insecurity and a misunderstanding between him and Yuvika. DJ starts influencing Kartik with the idea of a surprise proposal. Kartik unsure at first, eventually invites Yuvika to a restaurant, where he plans to surprise her with the proposal. However, in a twist of fate, an unexpected incident outside the jewellery store changes everything and DJ uses this opportunity to lend him a better ring as part of his meticulous scheme.

Will Kartik be able to propose to Yuvika? Or does destiny have some other plans for them?

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika, said, “As Kartik is introduced to the Mahajan family, my character Yuvika feels a mixed wave of emotions. She is happy that Kartik has received acceptance from the Mahajan family; however, his growing friendship with DJ is something that is irking her as she tries to decipher DJ’s plot. When Kartik invites Yuvika to a restaurant for a surprise, she is unaware of the storm that is coming her way. I'm thrilled to essay these intriguing dynamics and emotions that 'Vanshaj' brings for viewers.”

Zaan Khan, who plays the character of Kartik, said, “Portraying Kartik in 'Vanshaj' has been quite an exciting ride! In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Kartik and DJ's friendship blossoming, making Yuvika uncomfortable, setting the stage for something big coming up. As DJ plants the idea of proposing to Yuvika in Kartik's mind viewers will be left on the edge of their seats, as new twists and turns are on the horizon, and this is just the beginning of the intriguing turn the story is going to take .”

Tune in to Sony SAB's Vanshaj every Monday to Saturday at 10 PM

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