November 09, 2023 09:32 PM

Raj Sadosh/Abohar.

In order to stop the increasing pollution caused by stubble burning and the damage to the agricultural land due to this, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Senu Duggal and SSP Manjit Singh Dhesi today reached the fields of the farmers and appealed not to burn straw. In the meantime, wherever the farmers had set fire to straw, the officials got the fire extinguished on the spot.

The DC and SSP said that the pollution caused by stubble burning is a separate issue, but in reality, the farmer is doing his biggest loss by farm fires. They said that by doing this the farmer is burning the nutrients of his land due to which the land is continuously becoming barren.

They said that there were strict instructions of the Supreme Court and if someone sets fire to the stubble due to violation of the rules, strict action will have to be taken.
The DC and SSP visited Badha, Jhugge Gulab Singh, Behak Khas, called the fire brigade on the spot in village Behak Khas and extinguished the fire in the field.

SSP later informed that 11 FIRs have been registered in the district today, 1 FIR had been registered before this. One FIR was today registered in Sadar Abohar Police Station, one in Wahabwala, 2 in Amir Khas, 2 in Vairoke, 1 in Khuikhera, 1 in Sadar Fazilka and 3 in other police stations.  

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