December 01, 2023 09:14 PM


Haryana'sDirector General of Police (DGP), Shatrujeet Kapur, today held a comprehensive meeting with Gurugram Police and Village Guards o, at the ICAT Institute in Sector 8, Manesar. The focal points of the meeting were to enhance policing efforts, acknowledge exemplary service, and inaugurate a new police training school.

Enhanced Policing: He underscored the paramount importance of public service and adherence to the law. He called upon police officers to exhibit professionalism and extend assistance to those in need.

Village Guards and Community Engagement: Kapur issued directives to village guards, urging them to diligently upload area data on the Gram Prahari App. He emphasized the preparation of lists identifying drug offenders and criminals, with a special focus on monitoring their activities. Prioritizing women's safety, he directed guards to identify and address hotspots, deploying police teams as needed. Additionally, village guards were tasked with checking on the well-being of elderly residents and providing assistance when necessary.

Crime Prevention Measures:

The DGP emphasized impartial investigation of cases to ensure appropriate legal consequences for criminals. Special attention was directed towards individuals on bail or parole, as well as those involved in harassment, bullying, hooliganism, and drug dealing. Swift action against offenders in crimes involving women, children, and the elderly was emphasized. The implementation of initiatives to curb cybercrime was also stressed.

Appreciation for Excellence: Outstanding police officers were recognized and presented with certificates of appreciation by DGP Kapur. He highlighted the significance of dedication and hard work within the police force.

Inauguration of Police Training School:DGP also inaugurated a cutting-edge police training school at the old Police Commissioner's office in Gurugram. This facility, designed to train 100 officers and employees, will cover various aspects of law enforcement, including amendments, NDPS Act provisions, and investigations.

Meeting with Transport Union Officials: The Director General of Police convened a meeting with all transport union officials to address their concerns and discuss critical issues. During the session, the Director General provided essential guidance to the Transport Union representatives on matters pertaining to road safety. He urged transporters to refrain from unjustifiably impeding their drivers from promptly reaching their vehicles. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of motivating drivers to adhere to prescribed speed limits and cautioned against exceeding these limits.

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