February 19, 2024 10:39 AM

 Raj Sadosh/Abohar.

Asserting that permanent solution needs to be found to resolve the problems of farmers, MLA Sandeep Jakhar said that his grandfather Balram Jakhar as Deputy Minister in 1973 tried to find a solution to the problem of canal water seepage by launching water course lining with the help of the World Bank besides planning the 100 percent rural electrification programme. The first rural water works was also set up in Gumjal, tail-end village.

He said that various govts did not make a sincere effort to consider and implement the agricultural policy prepared by Balram Jakhar as the Union Agriculture Minister. No serious efforts were made to modernize the fruit and vegetable processing plant set up by Punjab Agro in Alamgarh village near Abohar with the help of the Central Government. Farmers of Abohar, who produce the maximum Kinnow fruit in Punjab, are facing disappointment due to the apathy.

He said that as the Cooperation and Irrigation Minister, Sajjan Kumar Jakhar, during the period of terrorism, took up the work of getting the canals of Abohar brick-lined with crores of rupees.

The MLA said that as the LoP in Punjab, Sunil Jakhar forced the state government to pay a compensation of Rs 600 crore against the damage caused by the attack of white fly and Pink Bollworm. Farmers had pinned a lot of hopes on the Dr Swaminathan report, but the successive govts made no sincere effort to implement the same.

He said that all the concerned politicians should think seriously and implement such agricultural policy which will provide permanent solutions to the problems of the farmers.

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