May 05, 2024 03:11 PM

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, NTPC Ltd. New Delhi in a case related to acceptance of Rs. 8.0 lakh as bribe from the complainant. 

CBI registered a case on a complaint from Vice President of an Advertising company against Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, NTPC Ltd., New Delhi on allegations of demanding bribe for passing the bill of complainant’s company. It was alleged that the said company had installed Booths, in Andaman Nicobar and Pondicherry in the month of January- February, 2024 on behalf of M/s. NTPC Limited.

After completion of work, an official of the company visited office of NTPC Ltd in Delhi in order to submit proforma invoice of Rs. 40 Lakh  and met accused who refused to accept the proforma invoice and told that work completion certificate are not enclosed which are to be issued from local authorities in Andaman Nicobar and Pondicherry administration.

Accordingly, the company’s representative visited local authority offices of Andaman Nicobar and Pondicherry and requested to issue work completion certificate. It was also alleged that the local authorities informed that for issuance of work completion certificate, they would require email/call from NTPC Ltd. Accordingly, the complainant contacted accused and requested him to help the company in communicating the local authorities about work completion certificate.

Accused, allegedly, demanded an undue advantage of Rs. 06.00 lakh from the complainant and told that he would manage everything and bill would be passed without any hindrance, if the undue advantage is paid to him. 

Further, it was alleged that the accused enhanced his demand of undue advantage to Rs. 9.25 lakh. After negotiation, accused agreed to accept undue advantage of Rs. 8.0 lakh from the complainant. 

A trap was laid by CBI and the accused was caught red handed while accepting Rs. 8.0 lakh from the complainant at Mumbai as accused flew from Delhi to Mumbai to accept the undue advantage. Subsequently, the accused was arrested by the CBI. 

CBI conducted searches at the premises of the accused situated at Noida (U.P.). Investigation is continuing.

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