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A total of 24,451 polling stations in the state, 5.28 lakh registered first-time voters, 1.89 lakh voters above 85 years of age,  CEO exhorts voters to vote actively to achieve the target of 'Iss Vaar 70 Paar' in Punjab


The process of filing nominations for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 has commenced in Punjab and will continue until May 14. Papers will not be submitted on May 11 and 12 due to gazetted holidays. The scrutiny of papers is scheduled for May 15 and the last date for the withdrawal of candidature is May 17. The polling on all 13 Lok Sabha seats will be held in Punjab on June 1 from 7am to 6pm.

Providing further details, Punjab Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sibin C said that May 4 was the deadline for registering new voters in Punjab. As per the electoral roll released on May 6, the total number of voters in Punjab is 2,14,21,555 These include 1,12,67,019 male voters, 1,01,53,767 female voters and 769 other voters.

The forms submitted for the registration of new voters by May 4 are to be decided by May 14, thus the final figure of the total number of voters will be released after this date.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that 5,28,864 voters belong to the 18-19 age group, who will be casting their votes for the first time. Among them, 3,16,670 are boys, 2,12,178 are girls, and 16 are classified as other voters. Similarly, 1,89,832 voters are aged above 85 years, comprising 88,169 men, 1,01,661 women and two others.

For the 13 Lok Sabha seats, a total of 24,451 polling stations will be set up, with 16,517 in villages and 7,934 in cities. In Punjab, 100 percent photo identity cards (EPIC) have been made. Instructions have already been given to the Deputy Commissioners-cum-District Election Officers, to ensure all arrangements are made for the convenience of voters at the polling booths. He urged voters to participate enthusiastically to achieve the target of 'Iss Vaar 70 Paar'.

Number of voters Lok Sabha constituency wise in Punjab:-

There are a total of 16,03,628 voters in the Lok Sabha constituency of Gurdaspur, including 8,48,196 male voters, 7,55,396 female voters, and 36 transgender voters. In Amritsar, there are a total of 16,08,391 voters, including 8,43,985 male voters, 7,64,343 female voters, and 63 transgender voters.

Similarly, Khadoor Sahib has a total of 16,64,199 voters, including 8,74,470 male voters, 7,89,662 female voters and 67 transgender voters. Jalandhar has a total of 16,50,849 voters, including 8,58,239 male voters, 7,92,566 female voters and 44 transgender voters.

Likewise, Hoshiarpur has a total of 16,00,043 voters including 8,30,054 male voters, 7,69,946 female voters and 43 transgender voters. Anandpur Sahib has a total of 17,27,844 voters, including 9,01,917 male voters, 8,25,864 female voters and 63 transgender voters.

Ludhiana has a total of 17,54,011 voters, out of which 9,34,744 are male voters, 8,19,135 are female voters and 132 are transgender voters. Fatehgarh Sahib has a total of 15,50,734 voters, including 8,22,493 male voters, 7,28,209 female voters and 32 transgender voters.

Faridkot has a total of 15,87,461 voters, including 8,38,605 male voters, 7,48,775 female voters and 81 transgender voters. Ferozepur has a total of 16,68,113 voters, including 8,79,704 male voters, 7,88,361 female voters and 48 transgender voters.

Bathinda has a total of 16,48,866 voters, including 8,68,959 male voters, 7,79,873 female voters and 34 transgender voters. Sangrur has a total of 15,55,370 voters, including 8,23,448 male voters, 7,31,876 female voters and 46 transgender voters.

Similarly, Patiala has a total of 18,02,046 voters, including 9,42,205 male voters, 8,59,761 female voters and 80 transgender voters.

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