August 26, 2020 10:50 PM

Panchkula (Anuradha Kapoor)

Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja told that 173 cases came positive in Panchkula on Tuesday. These include 3 outside of Chandigarh, 4 in Mahendragarh and 9 outside cases including Parvun 2.

The Deputy Commissioner said that there have been 164 cases of Panchkula out of which 15 cases have been reported from Pinjore, 71 at Kalka, 14 at Surajpur, 21 at Nanakpur. Apart from this, 7 in Sector 6, 5 in Sector 16, 4-4 in Sector 10, 15, 17 and 25, Old Panchkula and 3-3 in Sector 12 and 12A, Raipurrani, Sector 4, 7, 26, 31, MDC There are 2-2 cases in sector 5. Along with this, one case has come up in sectors 11 and 20. These areas are being containerized. Apart from this, 8 cases are being traced.

DC said that so far samples of 30689 persons have been taken in the district, out of which 27668 cases were found to be negative and results of 748 are yet to be received. He said that 1158 patients have been cured so far and 658 positive cases have been left in the district which are being treated by the Health Department. A total of 2273 cases have been reported in the district so far, of which 444 cases are related to districts from outside states. Thus, there are 1829 positive cases in the district. 

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