October 18, 2020 07:23 PM

Chandigarh/Jind (Face2News)

Haryana Agriculture Minister, Mr. J.P. Dalal said that the Agriculture Laws implemented by the Central Government will prove to be beneficial for agriculture and farming and the farmers do not need not panic regarding these laws.

These laws will prove to be a stepping stone for improving the condition of farmers in the future. Mr. Dalal said this while addressing the Second State-Level Samridh Kisan-Sashakt Bharat Programme held in Jind today. He said that concrete steps are being taken by the Central and State Government to make constructive changes in the agriculture sector. As a result of which the agricultural system of the state is changing at a fast pace, which will benefit the farmers. He said that the government has set a target of forming 500 Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) which is on the verge of completion.

Mr. Dalal said that FPO is such an arrangement wherein fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and horticulture related crops are procured from the farmers and are sold directly to the companies, which will generate more income for the farmers. So far, about 80,000 farmers of the state are being benefited from these FPOs. Moreover, the state government has also started the gradation of FPO.

Now, FPOs which perform outstandingly will be given star ratings. There are 90 FPOs in the state who have set up their offices as well. He said that with the enactment of agricultural laws, farmers will be able to sell the crop from their fields. The second benefit is that the farmer will decide the price of his crop and the farmer can sell his crop in any market. The farmers will also not have to pay market fees for selling their crop.

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