October 28, 2020 08:48 PM

New Delhi (FaceMews)

A team of Special Cell, Southern Range led byInspr.Ishwar Singh and Inspr.AlokBajpai, under the supervision of ACP AttarSingh has busted an interstate gun running racket by arresting two notoriousgunrunners namely:- Mohd. Adil (aged 24 years) R/o Village SaraiKhatela, PS Mundkati, District Palwal (HR), Mohd.Zuber (aged 34 years) R/o Village Sarai Khatela, PS Mundkati, District Palwal (HR)

Mr. Pramod Singh Kushwah, DCP, said, above arms suppliers have been arrested on27.10.2020 at about 4:15 AM from Captain Gaur Marg, opposite OkhlaSubziMandi, New Delhi. Nine (09) semi-automatic pistols of .32 alongwith One (01) Singleshot pistol have been recovered from accused Mohd. Adil and Ten (10)Semi-automatic pistols have been recovered from accused Mohd. Zuber. Arrested accused persons have been involvedin arms trafficking in Delhi NCR & UP West by getting supply of arms andammunition from parts of Madhya Pradesh.

INFORMATION AND OPERATION: In pursuitof constant drive launched by the Special Cell against the illegal armstraffickers in Delhi NCR involved in procuring weapons from Khargone, Sendhwa,Dhar and Burhanpur (MP) and further supplying in Delhi NCR, concerted effortswere being made to identify the members of these syndicates. Special Cell hadearlier succeeded in busting several such interstate arms syndicates in thepast. Sleuths of Special Cell were having information about arms trafficking byone Mohd. Adil and Mohd. Zuber are of such syndicate. Manual surveillance wasmounted to develop information about them and their syndicate. Secret sourceswere deployed to gather more information in this regard.

Recently,aspecific information was received on 27.10.2020 that Mohd. Adil would come nearOkhlaSubziMandi, New Delhi between 4 AM to 6 AM to deliver the supply offirearms to his contact namely Mohd. Zuber, who would then supply the same toone of their contacts in Delhi. Accordingly, a trap was laid near the saidplace and while Mohd. Adil was handing over a bag to Zuber, they were nabbed bythe members of police team. On checking of bags, Nine (09) Semi-automaticpistols of .32 bore and One (01) Single shot pistol were recovered from accusedMohd. Adil and Ten (10) Semi-automatic pistols were recovered from accusedMohd. Zuber. Both the accused have been booked u/s 25(8) of Arms (Amendment)Act, 2019, in which there is provision of minimum sentence of 10 years and itcan be extended upto life imprisonment.

Background & Criminal history: Both the above accused persons disclosed that they are residents ofVillage Sarai Khatela, District Palwal (HR) and they havebeen involved in supplying of illegal firearms for the last about 5-6 years.Accused Mohd.Adil has disclosed that he had procured the recovered firearmsfrom an MP based gunrunner of District Barwani and travelled to OkhlaSubziMandiin his vegetables loaded truck to further supply the firearms to localgangsters in Delhi through his associate Mohd. Zuber. Both the arrested accusedhave also disclosed that after collecting the firearms from District Barwani(MP), they used to supply these fire-arms in various parts of North India, including UP West, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan etc. 

Both the above gun-runners have disclosed that they have supplied more than 400 pistols in Delhi/NCR in last 4 years. They have further disclosed that they purchased semi-automatic pistols and used to sell them at higher rates totheir customers in Delhi NCR, UP West and Rajasthan etc. 

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