November 06, 2020 09:33 PM

Chandigarh (fACE2nEWS)

Haryana Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Mr. Kanwar Pal said that Congress has proved that they have no concern for farmers as instead of discussing issues related to farmers they walked out of the Vidhan Sabha session today. He said that in a democracy, the Vidhan Sabha session is the most important platform for elected public representatives to raise issues of public interest.

When the time came to discuss the Agricultural Reform Acts recently passed by the Central Government in the interest of the farmers, under Rule 184, the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, along with other Congress MLAs, deliberately avoided the discussion.

On the second day of the Vidhan Sabha session, when the discussion on Agricultural Reform Bills commenced in the House today, the Congress party members deliberately interrupted the proceedings by repeatedly coming to the gallery as an excuse to avoid discussion. In spite of this, Speaker, Mr. Gian Chand Gupta adjourned the house twice so that the bills could be discussed. He said that there is a clear provision in Rule 184 of the Legislative Assembly Rules that voting cannot be done without discussing any proposal. Even Congress MLA and former speaker Dr. Raghubir Kadian is well aware, yet he deliberately kept provoking other MLAs, he added. Similarly, MLA, Mr. BB Batra who is himself a law scholar also behaved contrary to the rules of the House.

Mr. Kanwar Pal said that Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, made a proposal that the Haryana Vidhan Sabha should pass the Agricultural Reform Bill unanimously and thank the Central Government for the same.

He said that everyone knows that these three bills are not going to cause any harm to the farmers and crops will continue to be procured in the mandis at the Minimum Support Price as before. In Punjab, only paddy and wheat are procured at the Minimum Support Price (MSP), however, apart from paddy and wheat, crops like mustard, millet, moong, groundnut, sunflower etc. are procured as well in the mandis of Haryana at MSP. He said that no other state procures as many crops in the mandis as Haryana does. 


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