July 09, 2021 11:50 AM

 Chandigarh (Face2News)

One of only 2 Certified Master Resume Writer in India; globally, the number is 46. There are several popular Resume Writing Certifications (CPRW, PARW, CMRW, and others) across the globe. All of them are created to distinguish the excellent quality of coaching, writing, and resume expertise. However, in India, there are only a handful of certified resume writers, Amrita Kolay is one amongst them.

This Master-Level certification, the pinnacle level of competency for CDI, required Amrita to demonstrate her superior knowledge and experience in contemporary resume writing through an intensive examination of her professional writing.

She was assessed on her  broad range of industry knowledge and expertise in the areas of strategy, branding, advanced visual appeal, and contextual narrative.

She has worked for top-notch clients who were associated with organizations such as Big4, Fortune 10, Emerging startups, and more. Also worked for global clients ranging from different Industry verticals. In addition, she has handled bulk resume writing assignments from globally recognized multinationals. Apart from national, she has also worked for several international clients and organizations. Apart from writing resumes, she empowers job seekers to navigate the complexities of job search and emerge as
successful candidates.

She often gives webinars to students, young entrepreneurs, and women and educates them about the nitty-gritty of job hunting. Furthermore, she is an author at Women’s Web and a mentor at JobsForHer. Earlier her work and approach in résumé writing was quoted in The Hindu.

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