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The Road Safety Organization (RSO) Distt Panchkula organized Road Safety Awareness workshop in Govt College for Girls Sector 14 Panchkula. The workshop is witnessed participation by the Students of the college with great enthusiasm

The esteemed presence of Smt. Richa Setia Principal Govt College For Girls sector 14 Panchkula along with the SHO Traffic Sh Satbir Singh & Road Safety Organization President Mr. Ankur Kapoor,
Mr. Nitin Sharma (Vice President), Mr. Karan Bagla (Executive Member), Mr. Lakshay,
Mr. Tarun Pal Singh Khurana (Joint Secretary) ,Mohinder Narula, Tejinder Pal Sodhi and Mr. Mukesh Chauhan.(Press Secretary)

The Road Safety Awareness Workshop aimed to educate and enlighten the attendees about the critical aspects of road safety, fostering a sense of responsibility and consciousness among both drivers and pedestrians, with the objective of reducing road accidents and promoting safer commuting habits. The workshop included interactive sessions, informative presentations, and practical demonstrations among the students

The key note speaker was Dr Hitesh Kapoor Prof. from Panjab University Chandigarh
and he emphasized the importance of collective efforts in creating a safer road environment. He stated, "Road safety is a shared responsibility, and through events like these, we aim to raise awareness and instill a sense of responsibility in individuals. The collaboration with various Govt Colleges in Distt Panchkula allowed us to reach a significant number of youth, contributing to our mission of creating safer roads for everyone."

The students actively participated in discussions on topics such as traffic rules, the significance of wearing seat belts and helmets, the dangers of distracted driving, and the importance of pedestrian safety. Practical demonstrations, including proper use of safety gear and emergency response procedures, were also conducted to enhance understanding.

Mr. Ankur Kapoor, President of RSO Panchkula, expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic participation and support from the students and college staff. "It's heartening to see the commitment of students towards making our roads safer. Road Safety Awareness workshop serves as a reminder that every action we take on the road has an impact, and by working together, we can create a culture of responsible safe driving."

The workshop concluded with a commitment from both RSO and the participants to continue promoting road safety initiatives. RSO encourages students to join hands in creating a safer road environment and reducing the number of road accidents.

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