May 21, 2019 11:47 AM

Shimla (Vijyender Sharma)

One of the world’s leading integrated providers of telecommunication services – Airtel today said that it has further upgraded its 4G network in Himachal Pradesh with the deployment of LTE 900 technology that will significantly enhance the network experience for its smartphone customers.

With the rollout of 4G in the superior 900 Mhz spectrum band, Airtel will get additional high speed data capacity to serve its customers.

 More importantly, given the high propagation and reach of the 900 Mhz spectrum, Airtel smartphone customers will enjoy improved 4G availability inside buildings – homes and offices. It will also result in wider availability of Airtel 4G across Himachal Pradesh.

Manu Sood, Hub CEO- Upper North, Bharti Airtel said, “Our endeavor is to deliver best-in-class network experience to our customers. The deployment of LTE 900 across Himachal Pradesh will further boost Airtel 4G coverage, particularly inside homes and buildings. Airtel smartphone customers will enjoy a seamless high speed data and HD quality calling experience on our upgraded network. We will continue to invest aggressively in deployment of latest network technologies to delight our customers.”

In Himachal Pradesh, Airtel uses a strong spectrum bank - 2300 Mhz (TD LTE), 1800 Mhz (FD LTE), and 900 Mhz (LTE 900) to offer world-class 4G services to customers. In addition, Airtel has deployed advanced network technologies and tools such as Advanced Carrier Aggregation to step up high speed network capacity and coverage. The company stays committed to continue investing in its network under its Project Leap program.

Airtel is the largest mobile operator in Himachal Pradesh with over 3.6 million customers.

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