July 21, 2019 08:23 AM

Zirakpur/Mohali (J.S.Kaler)

The Deputy Commissioner Mr. Girish Dayalan on Saturday visited Zirakpur in connection with the beautification of the Zirakpur flyover and strategizing to reduce the number of mishaps on the Highway No. 152 till Lalru and streamlining the flow of traffic. During the course of his visit, while the Deputy Commissioner took stock of the ground situation with regard to the implementation of his directions given on his previous visit, He also took officers not implementing the same to task.

Visits Zirakpur with officers of District Administration
Takes officers to task for not complying with directions of previous visit

Mr. Dayalan alongwith the Additional Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Sakshi Sawhney, SP Traffic Mr. Kesar Singh and other officers visited the main points starting from Chhat Junction to Flyover and gave directions to stop the approach from the connecting or approach roads directly till highway so as to reduce the number of mishaps and streamlining the traffic flow.

He said that accesses from NH to many establishments has to be scrutinized by NHAI and checked that have they met the conditions such as those of service lane. He said that Service Lane has been broken/Non-existent on one side in stretches and instructed the officials to checked Service Lane in a week.

He also called for exploring the possibility of connecting the road ahead of Chhat Junction directly to the other side. He also told the highway officers ensure proper traffic signs on the roads besides instructing the officers of the Drainage Department to cover the open sewerage drains on the roadsides. On the issue of illegally connected sewer connections to the NH drain by many Establishments, He ordered to identify these connections and cut off and penalize those establishments as per law.

The Deputy Commissioner said that illegal constructions which are right of way of NH, should be identified in a week and then demolished. He also instructed the officers of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to make sure that the traffic lights falling on the highway work properly. He also took the officers responsible for the non functioning of the traffic lights, not found in working condition during his previous visit. He instructed that trouble points such as Singhpura, MCD with non functioning traffic lights to be fixed immediately.

The Deputy Commissioner also added that it is the main priority of the administration to maintain the smooth flow of traffic at the National Highway 152 apart from the beautification of the Zirakpur Flyover and warned that no laxity in this regard would be tolerated. He further said that Zirakpur faces traffic snarls and efforts are on to tackle the problem and emphasized giving adequate crossing for approach to the National Highways till other roads. Among other dignitaries present on the occasion included SDM Derabassi Mrs. Pooja Syal, SDM Mohali Mr. Jagdeep Sehgal, Assistant Commissioner General Mr. Yashpal Sharma and Secretary, RTA Mr. Sukhwinder Kumar.

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