November 15, 2019 06:58 PM

Shimla (Vijyender Sharma)

BJP Himachal Pradesh vice president and member of parliament from Mandi constituency Ramswaroop Sharma said the Congress today has no issue against government so Congress can be termed as an issueless party. He said the Congress leaders of any state are targeting global investment meet for their own political gains, Congress ruled in the state of Himachal Pradesh for a long time and they were unsuccessful of doing such a brilliant activity in the state Himachal Pradesh caters to approximately 11000 megawatt of electricity it has clean air ,clean water, clean vegetation, clean medicinal plants and has the potential to cater to big industries and tourism sector which in flesh in the state Congress was unsuccessful to do the same in their tenure .

He congratulated chief minister Jairam Thakur on this achievement. He said large number of investors took part in in the Global investor meet health in Dharamshala approximately 16 countries and their representatives took interest in investment possibilities in Himachal Pradesh the current state government assigned approximately 93000 crore MOU's which will create employment tune of 185000 .

He said the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi himself to keen interest in the global investment meet and investors was very happy with it . It was assured by the Prime Minister that the centre and state government together will make the investments successful in Himachal Pradesh. He said that the good results of this Marvellous effort will soon be seen . Ramswaroop said Congress is trying to tarnish the image of the government bye repeatedly saying Himachal on sale the Congress could not perform in their tenure so this is clear frustration that shows within them today Congress is a divided house . Today the investment is need of the hour for the state the state it is to Horticulture industry agriculture industry and Other industries which increases the per capita income of the state Industries coming in for the same this will increase.

Today the Congress Party is in a state of a dilemma, it seems like they do not want to see the prosperity of the state. The Congress leaders are not able to see the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh is performing so well today the citizens of the state and the investors both are joyful by the performance of the government.

He said that the state is developing all round , state has four lane projects that are doing very well, the tunnels are made quickly , airports are being constructed helipads and heliports are being made on war footing this is a picture of a new Himachal that the current Chief Minister is talking about.

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