October 13, 2020 06:11 PM

Hisar (Face2News)

In a major incident on Monday evening, 17 juvenile prisoners including eight involved in murder reported to have been  escaped from the BAL SUDHAR GHAR from Barwala.

They were taken for evening meals, where as per planning juveniles attacked three security personnels including one jail superintendent.

The juveniles snatched the keys   from the jail wards and escaped by opening the lock of the main gate.

The injured have been admitted to the civil hospital. Security guards Chandrakant and Talvindra, who were guarding the main gate, suffered a severe head injury.

Most of the escaped prisoners are from Rohtak and Jhajjar districts. These child prisoners were serving sentence in cases like murder and assault.

All the prisoners escaped from the jail towards the forests of Haryana Land Reforms and Development Corporation (HLRDC). As soon as the information about the escape of the prisoners was received by the Hisar Police, immediately the information was sent to the entire district and adjoining districts. More than 100 police personnels are searching for these 17 prisoners in Hisar. All the police stations and posts have been alerted.

All the prisoners were taken out of the barracks for the evening meal. The jail staff were preparing to serve food. During this time, the inmates who had already planned and attacked the superintendent's head inside. Before he could understand anything, the prisoners pushed him to the ground and escaped towards the main gate of the jail. When two police personnel posted at the gate tried to stop the prisoners, the scuffle and the poles went on for seven to ten minutes between the two.

Due to the high number of prisoners, both the soldiers got injured and fell on the ground. The prisoners took out the key of the gate from a jawan's pocket and opened the lock and ran towards the forest.   

On getting the information of the incident, the SP activated all the blocks in the district. All the police stations and outposts have been ordered out to stay overnight and search in their respective areas. SP Balwan Singh Rana inspected the Child Improvement Home along with three DSPs.  


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