June 15, 2023 11:54 AM


Nowadays gas stove repair shops are duping people in a remarkable manner. One such incident took place in Gillco Valley, Kharar when a person asked for Prestige Air Fryer demo in Just Dial, one ersom
by the name Karan, from New Hindware Gas Stove Repair shop, Sec 20, Chandigarh 

He sent one mechanic Karan of New Hindware gas stove repair company. He cheated the person of Rs 6000. He sent one Ravi for Air Fryer demo. After that he forcibly went to the kitchen and opened the gas stove claiming leakage from the knobs which he replaced with fake knobs and charged Rs 6000.

He vanished after that never to be seen again. Next day another person Arun  came and replaced the knobs with original Prestige parts and charged Rs 6700. He said the company will pay back the original Rs 6000. When the person rang up the company , the number is always busy.

Police should take severe action urged  Vetern Journalist  Mr. Arun Sharma who worked for Times of India for more than three decades. 

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