June 18, 2024 09:32 PM

 Raj Sadosh/Fazilka/Abohar 

District Administration is working overtime to ensure the long-standing wish of over two hundred villages to have potable drinking water is fulfilled in one go. Reviewing the all-important project today at ground zero in village Ghattianwali Bodla where surface water based Mega Project is coming up, the Deputy Commissioner Dr. Senu Duggal ordered all-out steps to ensure timelines are met and no laxity will be tolerated. 

It is our top-most priority to ensure we complete this project by March 2025 and all families get clean drinking water which is free from led and other chemicals harmful to human health. 

Dr. Duggal said that villagers will now be provided surface water through water works pipelines, by utilising existing water works infrastructure. We are working on mission mode to meet all timelines and I'm sure we would complete the project within time, she added. 

Reviewing the project along with top brass of administration, Dr. Duggal said with completion of this project, people will get relief from several water-borne ailments peculiar to this region because of the high prevalence of some chemicals. 2,35, 114 residents of 205 villages of Jalalabad and Fazilka will get clean water from this project.

With close to 45 percent of pipeline work completed already, the project is on course to meet the deadline of March 31, 2025. 

Pertinently, in this region of Fazilka district most of the schemes are run with tubewell water but with the success of this project surface water would reach all residents.

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